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Hi! I am Göksu Güvendiren Bakır, a second year MS student in Computer Science in UC, Santa Barbara. This website has began as a way to show off our homework results in one of my undergraduate courses, but now I tend to continue writing as some kind of a blog, despite my inability to write :)

The course was an advanced ray tracing course during which I implemented a ray tracer from scratch to the more advanced parts gradually. You can find the posts for that project under *projects* tab.

I'm also interested in computer vision, and especially computational photography. In one of my internships, I worked in the implementation of a High Dynamic Range(HDR) image viewer that works on the browser, without the need of a huge program to display HDR images. If you're rendering HDR, but tonemapping it before saving it, don't do it anymore. Just save the image as .hdr or .exr, and you can view it in my hdr viewer. You can even choose different tonemappers and change their parameters and share them with other people. If you would like to give it a try, you can find the link, and some explanation in the *projects* tab as well. Currently towards my MS degree, I intend to work on rendering, but in GPU this time. I started implementing a raytracer using nVidia's OptiX SDK, and I will try to keep up with my work by writing what I am doing, to be a reference to myself since I am very new to the SDK and it's architecture. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any comments, or suggestions!

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